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Debi Davis Interior Design is a prominent interior design firm based in Central Arkansas that serves clients locally in Arkansas to all across the United States and are widely known for their residential and commercial interior design.

Started in 1992, Debi Davis Interior Design has worked on a wide range of projects from the TV anchor Dawn Scott’s home to the contemporary Iron Horse home to arts and crafts revival historic homes and projects across the US. Their work includes an array of projects and services including residential design, new construction, remodels, retail, and commercial design.

While known for a signature style that is modern transitional and for use of materials and textures that are tempered with subtle color palettes, muted tones and impeccable lighting, we take an individualized approach to each project. We work in a broad range with our clients by getting to know their personalities, needs, style, and preferences to deliver designs that make client visions a reality, timeless, and beautiful.

Debi Davis

Although broadcast journalism was Debi’s intended path, chance led her down another avenue, and after college, she purchased a high-end fashion boutique in Little Rock. This is where she refined her sense of style and aesthetic. “Being in the fashion industry and buying clothing in New York and Europe helped me,” she says. “Fashion bleeds down into the furniture market. It goes hand in hand. I had an eye for putting things together, and that worked on my behalf.”

Davis sold her women’s boutique after eight years and reset her course, landing in the design world. For the next few years, she honed her decorating skills while working for her interior designer friend. “I learned, learned, learned, and worked out of his showroom,” she reminisces, educating herself on antiques, design, scale, and color. “I just absorbed everything I could in those years,” she says. “And, I tell you. I know this — you can go to school, but you need a certain level of taste, too. All the schooling in the world can’t help you if you don’t have an eye.”

In 1992 Davis opened Debi Davis Interior Design and built a team of designers that have a love of design and enjoy making client dreams a reality. “Designing for our clients is personal and requires that we get to know our clients’ tastes, preferences, styles, and personalities, which leads many of our clients to become close, lasting friends. That is what makes the job so rewarding and makes me excited to get up each morning to start a new day working for our clients, friends, and building something beautiful for them.”

Jo Butts – Designer

Jo has been working with Debi Davis Interior Design since 2008 after retiring from 30 years of civil service work in marketing and training with the air force. The day after her retirement, she came to work with our team to fuel her creativity and stay young. Jo has a vast appreciation for all areas of the arts and design from her travels all over the world that she uses on client projects. Her specialties on the team include hardware selection, backsplash, and bathroom design.

Stephen Garrett – Designer

Stephen is a highly talented and skilled artist whose current media is interior design. He has a passion for architecture, art, and people. He studied interior design and interior design development, while living in Atlanta, GA, accomplishing a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Stephen has been a part of the Debi Davis Interior Design team for over five years, designing comfortable living spaces with an emphasis in space planning and ergonomics. Stephen’s design philosophy is that a harmonious living space should be functional, comfortable, and lovely as well. What we love most of all is that Stephen is part of the glue that holds this design family together and provides a lot of laughs while he’s at it.

Kelli Wilson – Designer

While Kelli may be the newest member of our team, she’s far from new to the interior design world. She brings over 25 years of experience to our team, specializing in textiles, architectural design, and spatial design. However, her favorite aspect of interior design is being able to help clients incorporate items that have special meaning into their home design, whether it be a family heirloom, treasured antique, or collections from their world travels. Kelli has also brought incredible project management and organization to our projects. But most off all, she’s eager to learn more about our clients’ needs, wants, and dreams for their homes to ensure they always get exactly what they are looking for.

Eric Penny – Production Manager

Eric has been a part of our team since 2016 and has since become our go-to guy for production work on every project. If we have a client who needs a custom piece of furniture or even needs to update their existing furniture, Eric oversees the production of the furniture being made in-house, selecting the custom finishes, and delivery – he makes it happen. Eric is the most dedicated to going above and beyond to deliver the highest customer service and has even been known to drive a full day to deliver a rush order for a client. We couldn’t ask for a better team member and advocate for our client projects.

Lloyd Cobb – CPA

You’ll typically see this friendly face welcome you from behind the counter, when you visit our showroom. And no, we’re not talking about a Chief Paint Advisor (although we do like the sound of that). Lloyd is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on staff to take care of project budgeting and our accounting work, so the rest of our team can stay focused on what matters: our clients.

Bailey – CFO (Chief Fabric Officer)

Bailey joined our team one year ago. He’s in charge of keeping things happy around here and greeting everyone who comes in our showroom, but more importantly he’s in charge of selecting only the most comfortable and durable of fabrics for all our projects. From sofas to bedding to rugs (and milk bones), everything used on our jobs is Bailey approved.


With this team of talented designers in place, it’s no surprise that Debi Davis Interior Design has been honored to be the recipient of these awards.

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