Modern Traditional in the Heights – Little Rock, Arkansas

Modern Traditional in the Heights – Little Rock, Arkansas


Every client has their own unique style and taste, which makes our job fun and interesting – you never know what the next project will bring! So when this homeowner said they wanted refined, yet inviting and livable, we knew we were in for a treat.

Simplicity is the ultimate elegance. We wanted to use fewer pieces, but ones that were important – either because of their functionality or because of the statement they made. When you have fewer things in a space, they can be ornate and still not overpower the design. There are ways to create interest without complicating a room. While the home had fewer pieces, the mix of old antiques and new modern furnishings – as well as the contrast between the textures of wood and glass – created an abundance of visual interest.

Aside from fitting the homeowner’s personal style, the home also had to be comfortable for hosting her children, grandchildren, and friends frequently. From the start, we wanted it to be pretty and livable. It had to be a house where every room was usable. The maintenance of a creamy neutral palette may seem daunting, but we took ease of use into consideration for every piece of furniture and fabric we selected. We have dogs and we know how kids live, so we made it a priority to use things that are treated for durability as soon as they were delivered so they could really live in their home.

It’s rewarding when you help a family create the home they always wanted, that’s also liveable for the whole family, dogs included.


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